Pittsburgh Recording Studio & Mastering Studio

         SPRING SPECIAL - 3 Song Acoustic Singer/Songwriter EP ($500) Backing Tracks Included

                    TRP Doesn't record RAP or music with excessive foul language or Jesus bashing.
                  You don't have to be a Christian band, I'm just not into listening to mindless lyrics.
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            I look forward to bringing all of my passion and 15+ years experience to your project.  

My studio has a very unique set up. I designed the work flow process to provide a high level of sonic quality without having to deal with all of the traditional time wasting and dollar eating variables that traditional studios deal with.

Located in Heidelberg (10-15 min south of Pittsburgh), the comfortable environment is a professional space that spurs creativity and makes you feel right at home.  I work hard for my clients and having them leave with a sound they can be proud of is of the utmost importance to me.

Read through the info, listen to the samples and if you want to talk about an up-coming project, it would be my pleasure to speak with you and arrange a visit to the studio. 

Best advice I can give on picking a studio... Select a studio with your EARS and not your EYES!  

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                                                                           Recording studio clients that record 10 or more songs get a free Studio Shirt !
                                                                       Choice of Black or White.  Each band member gets one (up to 5 band members)